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PVC Liner Solutions for Liquid Containment
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC #393)

Kentain 3/32" PVC #393 is practically free from deterioration due to aging, sunlight, ozone and other strong oxidizing agents such as potassium permanganate, chromic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

It is sulphur-free so it can be used with brass, silver, etc. PVC #930 is non-moisture absorbent and practically odourless. It is homogenous so there can be no ply separation. It will soften in temperatures above 150°F.


Colour: White

Thickness: 93 Mil (3/32")

Formulation: Pigmented Polyvinyl Chloride using highest quality stablilizers and plasticizers for the ultimate in chemical resistance.

Physical Properties
Property Result ATSM
Hardness - 15 Sec. Delay 79A D2240
Tensile Strength 2400 PSI D412
Ultimate Elongation 350% D412
Graves Tear 440 PPI D1004
100% Modulus 1400PSI D412
Brittleness Temperature -33F/-38C D746
Operating Temperature 0 - 150F  
UV Resistance Yes  
Spec. Gravity 1.21 D792

Recommended for use with the following plating solutions: Chromium, Nickel, Brass, Cadmium, Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead, Indium, Tin, Rhodium & Zinc.

Because every service condition is different, we recommend you do an actual in-plant test or contact Kentain Products Ltd. giving detailed information, for our recommendations.

The information on this page is, to the best of Kentain's knowledge, true and accurate. In some instances the temperature can exceed that specified