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PVC Liner Solutions for Liquid Containment
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to install a Kentain liner?
While installation times can vary depending on the size and configuration of the tank in most cases a standard tank can be relined within two-three days.

2. Does it have to be bonded to the tank wall?
One of the advantages of the Kentain liner is its suspension system which supports the liner from the top of the tank and eliminates the need to bond it to the side of the tank. Consequently the Kentain liner is not effected by any expansion or contraction of the tank.

3. How long does a Kentain liner last?
Kentain liners can withstand the effects of the chemicals it contains for decades. It is not unusual for a Kentain liner to exceed 20 years of failsafe service before replacement has to be considered.

4. Do you need to remove old liner?
The existing epoxy or rubber liner on the tank does not have to be removed thus eliminating the need for sandblasting. The Kentain liner system is suspended from the top and does not need to be bonded to the tank wall.

5. What information is required to order a Kentain liner?
In order to prefabricate the liner in its factory Kentain needs to know the inside dimensions of the interior of the tank, along w